Food manufacturing & Economic Impact

U.S Food Production, For Global Enjoyment

A new generation of food processing

Ending hunger, malnutrition, and obesity requires making good food for today’s meal and preserving food fresh for tomorrow.



A strong food manufacturing system equates to economic growth, jobs, good health and nutritious food


As a food processor responsible for packaging of edibles, we know that food must be processed and packaged properly. Our facilities abide by the highest standards. We work to minimize environmental harm during our processing and to replace or repair any damage done by our processing.


We start with the cleanest facility and state of the art food processing equipment to prepare our foods. Our staff is highly trained in food handling and the best packaging. Working with laboratories, farmers, forest, culinary and health experts helps us make a superior product and stay competitive in the food industry.


Smile Foods follows USDA, FDA guidelines to ensure food safety, using environmentally sustainable food packages that preserve food safely while maintaining its nutrients and great taste.  Our food packages are labeled, or information is printed directly on the package. The labels give detailed information about the package contents. Smile Foods proudly displays country origin statements such as "Made in the U.S.A", “Grown in Nevada” & “Made in America” on our packaging. Label origin statements promote American food worldwide.


Smile Foods complies with international child labor laws. We support humanitarian food assistance to victims of disasters.

Food Packaging Smile Foods.png


It’s not enough to have attractive packaging, its what’s inside that counts. Smile Foods prides itself in making sure that what is inside the package stays safe throughout the foods shelf-life. When you’re ready to open our food, it will be fresh and delicious.