Food manufacturing & Economic Impact

U.S Food Production, For Global Enjoyment

A new generation of food processing

Ending hunger, malnutrition, and obesity requires making good food for today’s meal and preserving food fresh for tomorrow.




We'll continuously expand our food processing map, so you can trace our food ingredients as far back to its DNA. Learn more about the nutrients before you consume. 


Smile Foods is proud that our products are made right here in the USA. We use 51% -100% of U.S ingredients in the preparation of our foods.

To ensure food safety, we consult with U.S farmers, university research labs, forestry, and wildlife. Using U.S ingredients ensures your food has been thoroughly inspected and is safe and nutritious.


To ensure we preserve the natural flavors, nutrients, freshness and overall integrity of our food as it goes through the processing and packaging stages we comply with USDA and FDA packaging standards. 


Pollinators play a vital part in the production of Smile Foods Brands. We depend on the hard work of the birds, bats, bees, butterflies, beetles even mosquitoes. Did you know that one third (1/3) of agriculture output depends on pollinators? They sustain the ecosystems and produce natural resources by helping plants reproduce. While we benefit from the work of pollinators, we are excited to join the fight in preventing our pollinators from extinction. Join Smile Foods in the fight to save endangered species.

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